Which coffee cup is the best for...

Which coffee cup is the best for coffee drinkers and for baristas? The number of people aware of the takeaway cup and landfill conundrum has increased with more customers using their own cups. It's great that people are more aware of the waste they are producing, but it's also a good time for these keepcup companies to sell their products. Which type and kind SHOULD we be buying? Repost @choiceaustralia #latteartgram

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Did you know: Perfect coffee roasting is an art form that must be perfected over many years. There are many important variables that must be considered when roasting coffee including origin, moisture content, age of the green (unroasted) coffee bean, and even the weather! Even the slightest mistake can ruin the flavour of the delicate beans. Source: https://www.cafebritt.com.au/ (Image credit: Lovethycoffee Facebook page) #Coffee #CoffeeLove #Caffeine #CafeBrittAustralia #CafeBritt #CafeBrittAUNZ #CoffeeAddict #ILoveCoffee #MoreCoffee #CoffeeCulture #ButFirstCoffee #CaffeineFix #CoffeeGram #InstaCoffee #Espresso